5 Ways to Boost Employee Happiness at Work

There really are 5 simple ways to boost employee happiness at work, but they aren’t at all what you’d expect.  Haworth recently conducted a global study on how workplace relates to overall happiness, and more importantly how workplace design can be leveraged to create meaningful work experiences. 

Happiness and meaningful work leads to a more engaged, higher-performing, and healthier employee.

According to Haworth’s study, there are two work experiences that directly influence happiness at work:

5 ways to increase employee happiness at work

  1. Design features that make employees feel valued
  2. The ability to achieve focus at work

And it turns out, that there are exactly 5 design elements that contribute to an employees overall happiness at work (remember, happiness = feeling valued + the ability to focus).

5 ways to increase employee happiness at work


  1. Having a legible space: the ability to see and find others, understand the layout of the space, and the usability of the workspace + furnishings are clear.
  2. User control:  the ability to operate the space. (For example, can they work a standing desk properly?)
  3. Access to the right technology:  the right programs, computers, etc to be able to do their job efficiently.
  4. Access to daylight:  ensure there is daylight at their workstation and throughout the space.
  5. And adequate storage:  provide employees with adequate storage in their workspace.

increase happiness at work

To learn more about overall happiness, visit the 2017 World Happiness Report.  Yes…its a thing! And it ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels.

In short, this notion of “designing for happiness” is beneficial for both the employee and the employer.  And the power of happiness can be found in office design.  Have you been following the 5 design factors for employee happiness? If so- we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  Whats working / and whats not. Let us know!

(Psst: Maybe you’re interested in other ways to encourage employee happiness at work? Check out our recent article, 6 benefits of a dog-friendly office.  You are guaranteed to find some employee happiness boosters there, too.)


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