6 Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Workplace

Must love dogs. But the truth of the matter is, not everybody does.  And not all CEOs or office managers can see the upfront benefits of “take your dog to work days”. BUT, don’t fret dog-people. Thanks to this amazing article find from Fast Company, we are able to make a strong case for pups in the workplace.  And we really won’t blame you if you hit forward or print out this post to send directly to your CEO.  The following is a summary of findings:

6 benefits of a dog-friendly work place

6 benefits of a dog-friendly workplace

1.   A work-life balance

When employees aren’t worrying about rushing home on a lunch break or leaving early to get back to their senior dog, working life becomes a little more straight forward. Employees may even be willing to stay later to work on a project if they aren’t worried about getting home in time to let their dog out for food and exercise.

2.  An improved relationship among coworkers

Dogs are social creatures by nature (we wish we could say the same thing for all types of humans).  Sometimes fur balls can bridge the gap between awkward office relationships and help build up team trust to better collaberation. (Don’t believe us? Check out this article from The Humane Society)

3.  Lower stress levels across the board

Dogs literally help humans produce less stress inducing hormones at work (cortisol). And here’s some hard evidence on the internet to back that up if you don’t buy it. A work environment with less stress = happier coworkers, which = a more productive and engaged team! (Psssst:  over dogs and want to learn more about the secret to employee engagement? Click here).

6 benefits of a dog-friendly workplace 4.  Overall employee health improvement

Having a dog around forces you to be active AND interact with people.  Both of which are major contributors to your overall health.  And an active and social employee is a healthy one!

5.  A creativity boost

Going on a walk increases creativity.  According to Fast Company, “a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found going for a walk can boost creative thinking by as much as 60% compared to sitting.”

6 benefits of a dog friendly office6.  An awesome way to connect with consumers

Cute dog friends can be a great way to engage with clients and customers in your office space as well as in the digital marketing sphere.  Dogs are a great way to connect with the end consumer and spark up a human-to-human convo that doesn’t involve a direct sales pitch.

We hope you’ve gained some great insight into the benefits of having dogs in the work place.  Special shout-out again to Fast Company for the informative article.  We just had to re-purpose, summarize, and share.  We’d love to hear about how dogs are affecting your workplace.  Sound off in the comments below! (And make sure to pop by our Instagram feed today for the cutest action shot of a “take your dog to work day.”)

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