7 Benefits of natural light in the workplace

We’re here today to chat about the benefits of natural light in the workplace. And we thought we would package everything up for you in an easy-to-read fashion so you can make your case for that window seat you’ve had your eye on lately (OR, to finally move across the street into that Leed Certified Building.)

benefits of natural light

It’s no secret that access to natural light benefits your overall health. And that healthy employees are productive, happy employees.  According to Ivy Cheung, co-author of a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine,

“Light is the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and the body”

Light plays a huge part in our natural circadian rhythm.  And our circadian rhythm has everything to do with our peaks and pits of daily energy and balance (thanks for the succinct explanation, CNN).  So why wouldn’t we pay attention to creating a work atmosphere that fosters sun rays? If the overall goal is to have happy, productive, BALANCED employees, natural sunlight is certainly one of the answers.

benefits of natural light


  1.  Inspires employees to exercise more.
  2.  Natural light exposure during the day = better sleep at night.  (Check out this study that states employees with access to natural light had an average of 46 more minutes of sleep each evening, compared to their counter-parts).
  3. Stronger day-to-day communication.
  4. Increase in laughter.
  5. An overall more pleasant personality.
  6. Lower blood pressure.
  7. An increased level of alertness.
benefits of natural light
Offices at Adidas, Moscow

So here’s your screaming reminder to take that walk outside or call a standing meeting in the light-filled kitchen.  After all, it helps your brain and body stay balanced so you can get back to work and be the most productive version of YOU.  So hop-to-it!

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