How to Make Employees Feel Engaged in the Workplace

“Doing things with you, not doing things to you” will set a path of employee engagement. There is a proliferation of change management happening which is necessary when you neglect to include groups and individuals in the decision-making process.

Changing your office environment into a more open plan design has a million facets to it that can and will go wrong. Acoustically it can be disruptive, financially it can be expensive, aesthetically awful and functionally it can be counterproductive. You might have all the right components and if they are designed in the wrong place, you will need change management.

Asking relevant questions and engaging the teams into thinking about how they work will give you real information and it will make them FEEL included in the process. The real information you receive is golden. Professionally working through this process will not drive chaos or crazy times. Specially working with the teams talking about tactical, functional needs will bring inclusion and internal champions to accelerate change.

Here are some questions to ask during the fact finding, inclusion time to help avoid the need for changes at the end.

1.    What are the 3-4 most critical things you do every week, that if you stopped doing them the company would go out of business.

2.    How much time a week are you really at your desk.

3.    What percentage of time are you in a meeting with 1-2 others per week

4.    What percentage of time are you in a meeting with more than 6 others a week.

There are introverts and load mouths, there are job functions that need different things, there is a need to address behavioral changes, no question, so let’s get involvement in place to help steer the community.

Ultimately, we all really want the same thing, business results, impact personally and professionally and to be heard. It starts with bringing people together.

Anne Benge, CEO of Cultura

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