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Well hello there online world. It’s us- Cultura! (cue the party music, people).  Hopefully by now all of you are caught up to speed on the new “us”.  The facelift us.  Same people, same priorities.  But as of January, we have a fresh new vibe.

Just in case you haven’t heard- the dealership formerly known as Unisource Solutions San Diego transformed to Cultura Jan. 1, 2017, to support a progressive style of service our staff and clients helped to envision.  We are still the same group of goal-digging, hard-working people on a mission: to enhance place and help you LOVE where you work. Quote us on that, won’t you?


With a re-brand came a fresh new company name and logo.  The name Cultura is an Italian (+ Spanish) word for “culture.”  It’s representative of our impact on culture as we work with clients to enhance their space.  We fancy ourselves a bit more than your traditional run-of-the-mill furniture dealer if you couldn’t tell already…

cultura san diego logo

Our logo is an abstract emblem of an aqueduct (or water bridge).  An aqueduct is simply a connector of people and civilizations. It literally bridges culture. It enhances place. We figured it was the perfect representation of us, our company, and our core values.  And so it was born…

what’s with the process

Cultura: “A fun group of humans revitalizing inter-office culture one furniture piece at a time.”  We’re young and old, new and seasoned, creative and practical, dreamers and generalists, topsy-turvy and organized; we’re a melting pot of experience and knowledge that form a brain trust for our clients and their projects.  But what do we do and how do we do it? Read on, friends.  Or look, rather. We can get pretty visual around here.


We’re so happy that you decided to pop by our blog today. Keep an eye on our feed in the following weeks as it develops.  We have MAJOR content plans to inspire and educate.  Be prepared to laugh, scratch your head in confusion, and even occasionaly take notes.  We encourage you to join in the conversation and challenge our perspective. Engage with us by way of tweet, IG post, blog comment, re-pins, or whatever floats your boat, really…

We are here to share ideas, and of course to learn from you too. Bottom line: We are a fun bunch of culture-philes and we just have too much to share. Join us!

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