The Secret to Employee Engagement is inclusion

Being a part of the mission and understanding the impact and purpose of the mission is key for engagement. Think about it this way, how would you feel if you were to get on an airplane without knowing where the plane was headed? It can seem exciting at first but after awhile, you might want to be involved in where the plane is going, making the decisions on where you want to go, or maybe just not being kept in the dark.

Employment brand is what your employees say about your company at the dinner table with family or in the bar with friends. It is a HUGE part of your brand and one that you cannot directly control, or can you? Alignment of mission, vision, purpose, impact and WIIFM are key areas to consider when you want to impact this brand.

the secret to employee engagement

Do you go home and sit at dinner talking about how challenging the work is and you are inspired to learn or are you complaining that you work in a sweatshop and you are burnt out. Do you go out with friends and recruit them to work with you or is someone dangling a new opportunity in front of you that sounds better because of the clarity of mission and impact?

More than 50% of your office wants to be included in high level decisions about direction, not only is it important to share but it is equally important to bring opportunities for engagement up as often as possible.

the secret to employee engagement

We asked the Cultura team to form a committee that impacts our well being and happiness at the office. It sounds maybe crazy or even ridiculous however, it has been a very effective group committed to getting the details sorted on our talent and how to bring true happiness.

I know that I want Cultura talent to be and feel included, to be and feel engaged and to be and feel part of a bigger purpose. Now, I keep my fingers crossed that that happens over an amazing bowl of All’Arrabbiata and glass of Chianti Classico.

Anne Benge, CEO of Cultura

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