What you need to know about millenials in the workplace

The Millenial generation has created quite a buzz lately, especially in relation to the workplace.  Generation Y as we like to call them, the generation of people born after X and before Z respectively, is the largest group in the current workforce. And there’s no doubt that their needs at work are a stark contrast with that of their baby-boomer counterparts.

According to The Center for Generational Kinetics, millennials are born between the years of 1977 and 1995. Other sources report that Generation Y begins at 1980 and ends at 1995.   Even though the dates where this generation begins and ends are a bit blurry, one thing is for certain: Millennials are so much more than their tech-dependent, self-entitled “media persona.”


  1. Millenial’s have a collaborative spirit
  2. Millenial’s are motivated by the need for social connection
  3. Millenial’s are encouraged by a variety of workspace and work surface options
  4. Millenial’s prefer diversity and excitement in the look and feel of their workplace
  5. Millenial’s are fond of blending their personal and work personas
millennial office
A collaborative workspace at Haworth’s Chicago showroom

(Notice how the above language is all positive as it relates to Generation Y. Clearly, there is too much negative language geared toward millenials online, so we aim to break that habit, at least in our personal posts.  And yes, if you couldn’t tell already, our marketing team is millennial operated. Please hold your eye-rolls until the conclusion of this post)

As you can imagine, an office designed for Baby Boomers is a bit of an outdated approach as far as the millennial working population is concerned.  And orderly cubicles, at least for now, appear to be a way of work-design past.

millenials at work
Cultura Gen Y’ers in action!

So what do Millenial’s need in the work place? Interactive and collaborative work venues.  And no- it’s not because they are a narcissistic ego-driven soulless generation, its purely because they love to collaborate and are motivated by the need for social connection.  So the next time you shake your head at the companies adding meditation gardens and complex game rooms, maybe think twice before passing judgement.

Oh- and before you move on with your day,  don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (shameless millennial marketing plug).  Today in our stories we are highlighting some of our favorite Gen-Y Cultura staffers!

Note: Opinions are our own, but the factual information above was pulled from an article written by Dr. Michael O’Neill, on “The Emerging Need for Legibility in Workplace Design.” You can download the full article here.



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