Our People

We’re curators of culture. We’re influencers of innovation. We’re designers of detail. We’re purveyors of place. Together, we create great things.

Anne Benge
Steve Michna
Jennifer Gisel
Briana Wilson
Director, Brand Strategy
Tamara LaChimia
Accounting Specialist
Lauren Slatinsky
Vice President
Tara Burns
Vice President
Taylor Flores
Vice President
Dee Giese
Vice President
Cindy Schlange
Vice President
Ashley Mattingley
Marketing Manager
Joelle Beans
Director, Design
Kyla Mooney
Director, Technical Design
Erica Roman
Senior Designer
Eric Cayabyab
Senior Designer
Jessica Becker
Adrienne High
Dawn Bardelli
Senior Project Manager
Gayle Lorenc
Project Manager
Erick Carbajal
Project Manager
Evelyn Anaya
Project Coordinator
Laura Burgess
Client Service Specialist
Michelle Karabelnik
Client Service Specialist
Tavaaka Jones
Client Service Specialist
Barbara Dunlap
Client Service Specialist
Luis Munoz
Field Supervisor

Our Culture

We’ve built an inclusive culture. We are a family. We are unique in our industry because we think differently. We love where we work, and we do work we love. We live for making our clients happy. Our energy is infectious. We have potluck Fridays, and we like to eat lunch together. Our clients love us. We do really good work. Our business is built on referrals. We love a good challenge.

Our History

The dealership formerly known as Unisource Solutions San Diego, transformed to Cultura Jan. 1, 2017, to support a progressive style of service our staff and clients helped to envision. Born and raised in San Diego, we’ve partnered with more than 300 companies to build spaces together that support their businesses, people and ultimately culture, since 2009.

Our Community

We’re passionate about our community. We believe the best way to support our community is through our active roles in serving as members, sponsors, committee-level participants and board-seat holders for these organizations that help San Diego and its industries thrive.



Cultura cares

We believe in the power of generosity.
It’s in our roots.
It’s in our culture.

Here are some of the areas we focus on to make a difference in San Diego: