We believe that the office has a purpose and will continue to play an important role in bringing people together and supporting company cultures. Rethinking the Workplace as the world around us adapts and changes will always be top of mind for us. We are focused on creating places where people love to work no matter where it is.

Here are just some of the services that we offer, bundled and ready to go:

  1. 6′ of Separation – where are you Good To Go and which areas Need Attention – FREE
  2. Over 10,000 sq. ft. of Physical Distance Analysis of your space – contact us for a quote
  3. Layering in square footage per person and how that affects having safe meeting spaces – 
    $500 (5 hours design time) + $100/hour as needed
  4. Easy adds to help ease your mind – product centric: screens with height adjustable tables,
    stacks, planters, sneeze guards – $500 design time + product costs if needed
  5. Applying New Products and Layouts – moves/adds/changes, social spaces upgrades – 
    $500 (5 hours design time) + $100/hour as needed + product costs if needed
  6. Culture Help – how to communicate internally, survey, build, maintain, develop, save, feed
    and keep your culture. Things you can do for you. – $500 min.
  7. Warehouse Storage – $100/ bay
  8. Labor for us to come to you and safely ‘rearrange’ a few things:
    1. (2) guys and bobtail truck for the day $1,180/ day
    2. (2) guys and bobtail truck for ½ day $590/ ½ day
    3. If you don’t need a truck, then 4 hour minimum applies but hourly rates below:
      1. $55/man hour – Regular Business Hours
      2. $82.50/man hour – After Regular Business Hours/Weekend/Overtime
  9. Home Office Furniture for you or your employees.
  10. Spice up your outdoor areas to encourage physical distancing while still allowing collaboration and engagement in a safe environment.

If you are interested in a Physical Distance Analysis of your workspace, a home office set up or any of the other services listed above please reach out. We are here to help you continue to #lovewhereyouwork!


Haworth’s Return to Work(place): Navigating the New Normal

As organizations seek to understand what short and long-term workplace changes to implement—from facility needs, to work rotation and the sequenced return of the workforce. Haworth has identified three critical areas of focus to help you navigate your return to the workplace in a COVID-19 environment: Employee Well Being, Organizational Culture, and Transforming the Floorplan.

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While we still believe in the office and its purpose of bringing people together, Haworth and Cultura are committed to supporting our customers wherever they work. We know that well-being and proper ergonomics contribute to performance and productivity. The work from home product offerings are grounded in the same global design, science-based research, and quality manufacturing that you know and love.

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Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with you!